5 Best Green Hotels in Canada for Backpackers with Sustainable Practices

Are you a backpacker in search of sustainable accommodations in Canada? Look no further! Canada is full of green hotels that boast eco-friendly practices, allowing travelers to reduce their environmental impact while visiting the country. From Vancouver to Toronto, here are the five best green hotels in Canada for backpackers:

1. The Cambie Hostel & Pub – Vancouver

The Cambie Hostel & Pub is a great choice for budget-minded travelers looking for sustainable lodging in Vancouver. This hostel is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by using energy-efficient appliances and LED lighting. The Cambie also offers a variety of eco-friendly activities, such as bike tours, walking tours, and kayaking trips. Additionally, their staff receives regular training on sustainable practices.

2. The Samesun Banff – Banff

The Samesun Banff is another top-notch green hotel for backpackers in Canada. This hotel’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond just energy-saving appliances; it also features a zero-waste policy and uses recycled materials throughout the building. The Samesun Banff is also known for its locally sourced food and drinks, as well as its community outreach initiatives.

3. The HI Montreal – Montreal

When it comes to green hotels in Canada, HI Montreal is one of the best. This hostel is committed to protecting the environment by reducing its water consumption, using energy-efficient appliances, and composting its food waste. HI Montreal also offers a variety of eco-friendly programs, such as a bike rental service and a community garden.

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4. HI Ottawa Jail Hostel – Ottawa

The HI Ottawa Jail Hostel is another great choice for backpackers looking for eco-friendly lodging in Canada. This hostel is the first of its kind to receive the Green Key Eco-Rating Program certification, which recognizes lodging establishments for their commitment to sustainable practices. HI Ottawa Jail Hostel also offers a variety of eco-friendly activities, such as biking trips and walking tours.

5. The Berkeley Fieldhouse – Toronto

The Berkeley Fieldhouse is a great choice for sustainable travelers in Toronto. This hotel is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact by using renewable energy, reducing its water consumption, and reusing and recycling materials. The Berkeley Fieldhouse also offers a variety of green activities, such as bike rentals and composting workshops.


Canada is full of green hotels that offer sustainable accommodations for backpackers. From Vancouver to Toronto, these five green hotels are the perfect place to stay for travelers looking to reduce their environmental impact. Whether you’re looking for energy-efficient appliances or eco-friendly activities, these hotels have something for everyone.

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